Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University represents traditional values of higher education, modern approach and freedom of higher education without discrimination. Start university studies now / immediate admission – Graduate at any time / fast accelerated graduation.

Affordable low costs accelerated educational programs online: accelerated Associate degree, 
					accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, 
					accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree 
					(accelerated Ph.D.) About
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Low educational costs, affordable higher education, accelerated degrees, accelerated educational programs, lowest costs education, accelerated degrees, traditional values, modern approach and freedom of education: all in one place
Accelerated Associate degrees, accelerated Bachelor’s degrees, accelerated Master’s degrees, accelerated MBA degrees, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degrees (accelerated Ph.D.)



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Show Your Knowledge to your employers and customers or use it as a form of continuing education




No degree awarded

All received credits are transferrable and acceptable in the Holy State University for any degree programs


Advancement Programs for working Professionals



Where to use:


Improve level of knowledge and your resume, use as a continuing education, study new disciplines, increase level of professional confidence, make stronger your professional background, improve your employment ability.


Who can participate:


No restrictions, any person can participate, no degree required, just fill in simple one-page application.


NO ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS REQUIRED (copy of the identification document required). This is simplified admission because it is not a degree program; accordingly, we need only your basic information, such as full name, location and contact information.


NO degree required:


Degree is not required.  Any person with or without any educational degree can participate. This is university level program increasing educational level and it is equally good for any person with postgraduate degree, undergraduate degree, or no degree at all.


This is not all-inclusive list of programs and you may request program according to your needs, desire, experience and knowledge. We cannot guarantee acceptance of your request, but most likely, it would be granted.


[You can request your own courses]


Art and Design

African American Studies

African Culture

Asian Community Studies

Behavioral Studies



Business Psychology

Business Administration

Business Management

Business - International Studies

Business Leadership

Business Marketing

Business Management

Management of Work Environment

Hospital Management

Travel Management

Hospitality Management

Restaurant Management

Retail Establishment Management

Management of Business Enterprise

Management Theory

Operations Management

Marketing Management

Business Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Leadership Studies

Behavioral Leadership

Executive Leadership

International Business Management

Global Management

Communications Management

Managerial Leadership

Global Leadership

Social Leadership

Governmental Leadership

Specialized Leadership

Public Relations Management

Marine Biology

Paralegal Studies

Environmental Science

Behavior science


Cultural Affairs

Executive Leadership

Workforce Development

Human Resources Management

Organizational Ethics

Human Resources Leadership

Cultural Studies

Communication Studies

Community Leadership

Diplomatic relationships

Peace Diplomacy


European Community Studies

English  Literature

Fine Arts

Foreign Affairs

Gender Studies

General Studies

Health Services Management


Health Management

Health Science


Health Administration


Hospitality Management

Human Resource Management

International Relationships

Finance Management

Human Resources Management

Management Information Systems

Management of Public Affairs

Supply Chain Management

Entrepreneurship Management

Motivation Management

Law Management

Strategic Management

Operations and Logistics

Media Management

Organizational Leadership

Psychology of Leadership

Business Development Leadership

International Leadership

Educational Leadership

Public Affairs

Office Management

Theater Production

Business Psychology


Communications Studies

Art of Music

Human Resources

World Politics

Human Resources

Art of Negotiations

International Studies

International Culture

International Law Studies

International Peace

Interior Design 



Legal Studies

Liberal Arts

Liberal Studies


Life Science Studies

Management of Computer Information Technology

Mass Media



Mass Communications

Music Studies

Office Administration

Theory of Performance Art

Theater and Acting

Proliferation of Peace



Religious Studies

Social Studies

Social Work

Women’s Studies

Women’s Health Studies

Corporate Management

Workplace Management

Commerce Management

Entrepreneurship Management

Business Strategy Management

Professional Management

Business Ethics Management

Public Policy


Public Administration

Political Science

Government Policy


Media Technology

Executive Psychology

Progressive Leadership



Senior Health Care


[You can request your own courses]




Submit your personal details (print Simplified Application, fill in information, scan and send to us by e-mail, or send the same information to us by e-mail in the form of simple letter). Copy of the identification document required.


Books and study Materials:

Student selects and uses own books or study materials. Information can be obtained from any available resources, such as books, research materials, internet search, etc.


How it works:


You will be studying and we would be checking your level of knowledge. No travel required. Studies are independent and student can be in any place of the World.  


To start – send to us (by e-mail) Simplified Application, pay at the same time required fees in full, save payment confirmation receipts. After payment completed, send as e-mail with payment information (Full name of person making payment, date, time, amount).


Who can make a payment:


You can make a payment, or any other person on your behalf.


Payment methods:


Payment in full required. Accepted credit and debit (bank card) cards (issued in the countries on our credit processing company list). If your country is not listed on the list of countries for credit card transactions, you can make a wire transfer into our bank account. Regular checks can be mailed to our bank processing center (U.S. residents only). Electronic checks can be used if our credit card processing company accepts country of payment origination. Other forms of payments are also available.


For payment details, please see page "Payment Center".




(for payment details see our page "Payment Center")


$1000 USD (must be paid in full, unless you are using credit card/debit card/prepaid card payments option and your country on the list of our credit card processing company).


Our costs are reflected and payable in the United States dollars, but expression "Payments in the United States dollars" has no meaning that you must have actual United States dollars. This means that during payment you are using currency of your own Country, indicating that payment must be received in the United States dollars.





You can select you own study courses reflecting your professional needs (ask us if we can accept your course proposal), or we can suggest courses (based on your professional needs).


Completion of four courses required.


Listed Cost ($ 1000) reflects the cost for the completion of four courses.


Course is ONE subject learned. FOUR courses program would require to learn FOUR subjects. For example, four learning subjects could be "International Business Transactions", "Business Contracts", "Leadership", and "Trade Development" (total of four courses).


Any credits received can be used in our degree programs.


You also may visit our page "Professional Studies". Principles are very similar.




Documents that student will receive upon graduation:


Graduation Certificate and Transcript of educational courses (for some programs it is combined in the form of one page certificate reflecting completed course and subjects of studies).


Additional Information:


Documents mailed by regular U.S. mail. Expedited/Express mail or any other special handling must be paid by student in advance.


See page "Documents Recognition" Holy State University offers accredited, affordable, accelerated low cost ONLINE studies and affordable, low cost accelerated educational degrees; as well as the fastest, easiest and simplest educational approach. Holy State University is Online distance learning institution of higher education and academic research, where educational process is accomplished by using modern forms of Internet communications. Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University offers fast and prompt admissions to our affordable low costs accelerated educational programs online, no admission application costs and admissions without admission tests. Start admission now – graduate at any time. Holy State University offers worldwide, accessible and affordable higher education, traditional educational values, modern approach to higher education and full freedom of education without any form of discrimination. if you need any Apostilles, Authentications or Governmental Certifications (costs are additional). Usually, additional governmental certifications are not used for any non-degrees programs. Considering the fact that obtaining of governmental certificates requires significant amount of time, we are charging additional $75 per each governmental office submission of documents (any number of documents), in addition to actual costs listed on the page "Documents Recognition".


 What you must expect 

Simplified Application

Payment Center





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policy and management
doctoral studies in psychology
md - phd
health science


religious degrees
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bachelor degree - theology
master degrees in religions
doctoral programs - religion
phd - theology
mba/business and theology
doctoral degree - world religions
doctor of practical theology
ministry degrees
degrees in divinity
theology and civil law
master of religious studies
theological studies
master's program in divinity
international ministry
modern theology
religions of the world
canon law
religious education


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