Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University represents traditional values of higher education, modern approach and freedom of higher education without discrimination. Start university studies now / immediate admission – Graduate at any time / fast accelerated graduation.

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Accelerated Associate degrees, accelerated Bachelor’s degrees, accelerated Master’s degrees, accelerated MBA degrees, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degrees (accelerated Ph.D.)



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Introductory MBA (Mini MBA) Online Program is the fastest and the least expensive way for working professionals to complete professional training in business affairs. Students are prepared to possess advanced knowledge in specialized areas of business interactions applicable for the future professional practice. This program has very attractive and affordable costs.


HSU Online™

Introductory MBA™ Program

Mini MBA




Custom-made Programs Adjusted to Individual Requests

100% ONLINE (all interactions are performed by e-mail)





Admission requirements:

Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) required. We are admitting students from any Country. Admission requirements are the same for any Country.  


Starting Dates:

Start at any time. Enrollment is on continuous basis.  


Program Minimum Completion Requirements:

Successful completion of at least 15 educational credits (United States approach), or 30 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - ECTS). 

This Program can be completed in the form of studies.

This Program can be completed in the form of Thesis preparation.

This Program can be completed as combination of study courses and Thesis preparation.

Previously published work can be considered (if accepted) as an equivalent substituting studies and/or Thesis preparation.


Program Completion Timetable:

Student can complete program at any time upon fulfillment of educational requirements (student allowed to complete program as fast as student will be able to complete all educational requirements). Program will not extend over one year and must be completed within this period; most students are able to complete this program within shorter period of time.


Program Design:

Program adjusted to student's personal needs and professional plans. Student has choice to select own courses and can make personal decisions. 


Student will be performing studies independently, according to educational plan offered to student. Study materials can be selected by student in independent manner. Studies are verified and evaluated in the form of written Essays (covering course subjects) prepared by student and submitted to us by electronic mail. After the admission, student will receive guidance on preparation of written Essays.


Educational Costs:

Program Costs: $ 3,500 USD.

To see fees for other educational programs, please visit page "Educational Costs" (click on text here) 


Student can complete studies in own native language




English language is not your native language?


You can study in your own language and we will accept educational work in student’s native language. We will translate (only for our use) student’s educational work FREE OF ANY CHARGE (if student prefers to complete educational work in own native language). Student must use English language during all communications with university (we will not be translating e-mails), but we are not requiring any perfections in English language (student can use free online electronic translators to translate e-mails).


Accelerated completion:  


Student can complete this program in accelerated manner.


We are issuing educational credits for our students:


Upon completion of this program, graduating student will receive 12 educational credits (U.S. credits) that can be applied to any degree program offered it the Holy State University.


Curriculum/educational plan:


Program is based on participant/student's independent studies according to the curriculum plan customized to student's professional goals.


We are preparing customized education curriculum plan based on student's desired professional plans and goals (student also can include own desired study subjects). Program can be completed by student in the form of preparation of written Essays covering course subjects. Student will receive guidance on preparation of written Essays.


Minimum admission requirements:


Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree.


Course details:


- Application Fee - included in total educational costs.

- Prior learning assessment/Evaluation of your credits from other institutions - included in total educational costs.

- Graduation fee and documents printing - included in total educational costs.


Governmental Certificates are not included in educational costs (Follow this link)

Considering the fact that Mini MBA is not a degree program, we do not recommend obtaining of governmental certificates (however, it is strictly a personal choice of student, to obtain governmental certificates or not).


Mailing costs covering graduate documents mailing are not included in educational costs (Follow this link)


For payment options, please see page "Payment Center" (Follow this link)


Progress Steps:


- Submission of application and disclosure agreement.

- Student receives from us customized course plan with study subjects

- Evaluation of student's work and issuance of course completion documents.


Mini-MBA, MBA and Master's Degree


Mini-MBA Online Program is NOT A DEGREE PROGRAM, it is only a short program representing introduction to business studies. Graduating students will be able to obtain 12 educational credits (U.S. credits) upon completion of this program. Credits can be transferred freely to any business degree program offered in the Holy State University. Any person that desires completion of Master’s degree program must apply for the Master’s or MBA degree program at our University (Mini-MBA program awards no any degree; however, received credits are transferable to any degree program at HSU).


Documents issued upon graduation:


- Graduation Certificate

- Academic Transcript

- Documents will be mailed to student's address (no travel required)


For more information about educational curriculums, visit our Page "Educational Plans"



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