Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University represents traditional values of higher education, modern approach and freedom of higher education without discrimination. Start university studies now / immediate admission – Graduate at any time / fast accelerated graduation.

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Accelerated Associate degrees, accelerated Bachelor’s degrees, accelerated Master’s degrees, accelerated MBA degrees, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degrees (accelerated Ph.D.)



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Online Accelerated PhD Programs

Doctor of Philosophy





PhD degrees

More information about PhD Degrees

 Our lowest costs



Earn Your Degree from Any Place in the World

Use your Own Language for Studies

Custom-made Programs Adjusted to Individual Requests

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Admission requirements:


Master’s degree required. We are admitting students from any Country. Admission requirements are the same for any Country.  


Starting Dates:


Start at any time. Enrollment is on continuous basis.  


Program Minimum Completion Requirements:


Successful completion of PhD Dissertation. Additional requirements may apply. PhD degree requires at least 60 U.S. credits (or more, if desired). You may receive up to 24 U.S. credits for the accepted dissertation work (Dissertation / PhD Thesis). Additional courses (supplemental to Dissertation) – at least 36 U.S. credits (or more, if desired). 36 U.S. credits are equal to 12 courses.    


Program Completion Timetable:


Student can complete program at any time upon fulfillment of all educational requirements (student is allowed to complete program as fast as student will be able to complete all educational requirements). The longest time allowed for for studies/research in this Program is three years, but it is only a time that guarantees initial program costs. You can extend your studies and research after the allowable time; however, you will be paying additional fees for any additional extended studies (unless you are approved for the financial hardship allowance).


Program Design:


Program adjusted to student's personal needs and professional plans. Student may select own courses and can make personal decisions regarding PhD Dissertation (PhD Thesis). 


Educational Costs:


For our administrative fees, please visit page "Educational Costs" (click on text here) 


Student can complete studies and Dissertation / Doctoral Thesis project in own native language.



Different academic pathways are available for our PHD programs.


Do you use language other than English?


We are not requiring from our students perfect knowledge of English language. In addition to English language, we are accepting Dissertations and other educational work in many commonly used languages.


Do you have problems with reading our pages in English because you live in the country that uses different language?


You can use Google Translator (free online translator) or other online automatic translators (copy and paste text into translator), or you can download modern internet browser (free online downloads) in your own language that will be offering entire website translation every time when you are opening our web site (please note that automatic translations are not grammatically correct).


The best feature of our programs


Student will have an option to complete Dissertation/ PhD Thesis in own native language (we will provide details for the students accepted into desired program). We prefer to see Dissertations prepared in English language, but at the same time, we want to give every person an equal opportunity and we will be accepting Dissertations and other educational work in many languages.


Correspondence between student and our offices must be performed in English language (but we are not requiring perfect English and free online automatic translators can be used by students, for example "Google Translator").


You may receive your Master's Degree in our University


If you never completed Master's degree, please consider possibility of entering into Dual Degrees Program. Dual degrees are representing a program that is offering two degrees, Master's and Doctoral (PhD). Upon graduation, you will have two degrees and two diplomas for Master's and Doctoral degrees. 


Dual Doctoral Degrees


With our lowest educational costs for graduate / postgraduate education, there is no need to limit yourself just with one Doctoral degree, consider possibility of getting two Doctoral degrees in the related subjects or related professions.


Languages that are acceptable for all our Master's, Doctoral, PhD and other programs


In addition to English language, we are accepting Dissertations and other educational work in many commonly used languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, other Western and Eastern European languages, and numerous other languages.


You need to communicate with us in English language (even if your English is not perfect), but all your educational work can be submitted in your native language. Our guidance will be in English language. If student’s English is not too advanced, student always may use free online electronic translators to translate our letters to student and student’s letters addressed to us.


See table below for the list of all languages that we may accept as a language for student’s studies.




































































































Dissertation or PhD Thesis?


Some educational institutions are using word "Dissertation" for the student's major research project (in PhD and Doctoral programs); some are using words "PhD Thesis". In our place, both words are used as equal and interchangeable words.


Accelerated PHD Program


Fastest way to receive Doctor of Philosophy Degree


"Accelerated PHD Program" designed for holders of Master's Degree (if you do not have Master's Degree, you can complete Master's degree in our place). Program requires minimum supervision or advisement.


Program can be based on different approaches:


Program includes selected study courses (related to the subject of Dissertation project) and independent preparation of Dissertation for the award of PhD degree (we will guide you through the process). At least 12 study/research courses are required.


We can prepare educational plan (list of study/research subjects) for student (only after the admission), or student may suggest own study/research plan. We are not preparing any plans for Dissertations (PhD Thesis). Dissertation is independent project of each student.



Acceptable approaches:


Option 1


Student completes recommended courses and prepares Dissertation (PhD Thesis) as a final step.


Option 2


Student prepares Dissertation (PhD Thesis) as a first step and submits it for evaluation. At the time of Dissertation examination, we would identify areas of student's studies/research. After that, we will recommend additional related courses.


Option 3


PhD degree can be also awarded on the basis of published research work (contact us for more details).


Academic Transcript Contents


All study/research subjects (study/research areas) will be reflected in the Transcript.    


General information about Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a doctoral degree that places more attention to the research and development of a new knowledge and other theoretical applications. This program only can be completed with preparation of Dissertation / PhD Thesis, or some other research work (for example in the form of completed book or other published or unpublished research materials).


PLEASE NOTE that we have NO requirements for any research work to be published.


In the United States, most PhD programs are based on combination of the study courses and preparation of Dissertation. In many European countries, some PhD programs can be completed based on successful preparation of Dissertation that is accepted by the examining Committee. We can offer both approaches.


Each student successfully graduating from the program will receive Diploma and Transcript


Upon successful program completion, graduating student will receive Diploma, Transcript and Graduation Letters. Dissertation title will be listed in the Transcript. We also are listing in the Transcript all additional research and study subjects (including subjects identified by our examiners at the time of Dissertation evaluation).


PhD Degree can be awarded on the basis of selected study courses (related to the subject of Dissertation project) and independent preparation of Dissertation


Student performs independent studies and (or) independent research (under our guidance). As a conclusion of independent studies/research, student prepares Dissertation that is submitted to us for the evaluation (we will guide student through the process).


Word "accelerated" never indicated that student would be neglecting studies. Program is very similar to general Ph.D. degree program, the only difference is that student is willing and is ready to complete program in the accelerated manner (to devote more hours and efforts for the studies/research/preparation of Dissertation). 


Quality of student's knowledge will be reflected in the quality of prepared Dissertation. We are admitting many students that already performed required research and studies, some students performed it in independent manner and some performed studies and research in other educational institutions.


Each student has different educational background and different number of accumulated educational credits, therefore, selected approach is different for each student. We will be taking into consideration any professional training that student received during his/her work career. Appropriate credits would be applied for credits received in other universities (for any courses completed after graduation from the Master's degree program) and limited number of credits can be issued for verified and documented professional training (job training) in areas related to the designation of PhD program. Dissertation/Thesis will receive appropriate number of credits based on the covered area, quality and other related characteristics.


Assignment of credits is not required, but upon request of student, we will assign credits for any successfully completed educational and research work.  


This program has no laboratory research basis, but if you are affiliated with educational or research institutions offering laboratory facilities, feel free to use it for any form of laboratory research that is a part of your studies and for Dissertation preparation.


Almost 80% of Ph.D. Dissertations are prepared on the basis of "paper research". “Paper research” is the research that is based on the review of books and scientific articles, review of studies and research results achieved in previous scientific investigations (performed by other academicians), compilation of the existing information, analysis, processing of information and shaping everything into your Dissertation.


Doctor of Philosophy is a scholar, researcher and the information processor. Many people are receiving this degree after extensive processing of the existing information in libraries (and not in laboratories).


You can read more on our "PhD Degree Information" page (click on the link to be transferred)


PhD Degree can be awarded on the basis of Published Research Work (with our guidance and supervision)


We are offering this option for the working professionals. This degree is suitable for professionals that already published materials related to their professional activities and student can submit previously published documents for the PhD degree consideration. If we would reject submitted documents, student always can re-shape research work (with our guidance and supervision) into regular PhD Dissertation format. 


Just to name a few options: submitted materials can be published book(s) or book chapters, articles published in journals or in other media publications (or other published, or unpublished work). We have no requirements for the specific place for publications.


Size of published materials must be approximately the same in number of pages, as required for the Dissertation. If for some reason(s), we cannot accept published work, we will recommend to student other options to complete his/her Dissertation.


We have no artificial delays


Comparing to other places, we have no any artificial delays and process can be relatively fast and straightforward.


Program Points


We have no admission deadlines, you can start and graduate at any time (program time restrictions may apply).

Application Fee included in the total program cost.

Prior learning assessment/evaluation of your credits from other institutions included in the total cost.

Dissertation pre-evaluation included in the total cost.

Dissertation evaluation included in the total cost. 

Graduation costs included in the total cost.


For current lowest costs (administrative fees), please go to the page "Educational Costs"


For payment options, please see page "Payment Center"


Student can make payments according to the "Payment Plan" (visit page)


You can read more on our "Additional PhD Degree Details" page (click on the link to be transferred)


Progress Steps


All student's work performed in electronic form. Expression "student prepares Dissertation" indicates that student prepares everything in electronic format and sends it to us by email.


Process starts with submission of short Letter of Intent and Dissertation Proposal.


Each university has its own powers to design any educational programs. PhD program is postgraduate program (oriented on academic work) that can be completed in many different ways.


We are not measuring PhD program in number of years, but according to the completion of our requirements (and in some cases, it can be relatively fast). Usually it is Dissertation project and some related courses. If Dissertation approved and accepted, and other courses completed, degree would be granted.


Upon admission, we will evaluate all educational credentials and all forms of training. Any documented professional training/classes/courses that student completed after Master’s degree program, may create some additional credits that (at our discretion) can be reflected in the academic Transcript.   


We are not making any lists of the required courses because courses must be directly interconnected with the subject of Dissertation. In other words, study/research courses will be creating basis for the Dissertation. Any courses and research projects are the “building blocks” of the Dissertation. All courses/research subjects would be reflected in the academic Transcript.


We also can use reverse approach for people that already prepared Dissertation. Upon detailed analysis of the Dissertation, we can identify the list of study/research subjects that student used during preparation of Dissertation. It will be reflected in the academic Transcript as completed research areas. If we believe that student needs more educational work, we will request to complete additional course-work (additional courses of studies).


Student will be working independently on Dissertation (with our guidance and supervision). We will provide structural guidance points for the Dissertation preparation, but Dissertation is independent project of student.


When student satisfies all program requirements (including academic studies) and upon final approval and acceptance of the Dissertation, the Doctor of Philosophy Degree is awarded. Graduation Diploma (PHD award certificate), Transcript and other related documents will be issued and forwarded (mailed) to the graduate. Dissertation will be archived in digital format in the University records.  


You can see the list of documents issued for our graduates (follow this link)


You can read more on our "PhD Degree Information" page (click on the link to be transferred)



You may also consider the following programs


PhD by Published Work


We are offering this option for the working professionals. This degree is suitable for the professionals that already published materials related to their professional activities and student can submit previously published materials for the PhD degree consideration.  




Classic PHD Program


Based on studies and dissertation thesis preparation


"Classic PHD Program" designed for holders of Master's Degree (if you do not have Master's Degree, you can get it from us).


Program based on participant/student's studies and research performed independently (under our guidance). As a conclusion of independent studies/research, participant prepares Dissertation/ Thesis that is submitted to us for evaluation. Upon approval and acceptance, we would award to the Program participant the Doctor of Philosophy Degree.






The following is the list of disciplines that student may select for studies and research to achieve desired degree. This is not all-inclusive list of programs/courses and you may request program according to your needs, desire, experience and knowledge.


List only gives some basic ideas about possible subjects of studies; however, we potentially can offer hundreds of other programs.


Let us know if you do not see on this page something that you would like to study or to perform research. Most likely, we will be able to accommodate your request because we are offering custom-made programs adjusted to individual requests. Feel free to request studies in the area that is compatible with your existing level of knowledge and experience.



Arts (indicate area)

Arts - Visual

Arts - Music

Art - Conservation


Adult Psychology

Applied Science

Arts in Teaching

Arts in Liberal Studies




Banking Industry

Banking – Commercial

Banking - Investment


Biblical Studies



Business Administration

Business Leadership

Business Management

Business Development

Business Consulting

Business Innovations

Business Informatics

Business Development

Commercial Advertising

Commercial Development

Commercial Banking

Church Music

Canon Law

Child Psychology

Christian Studies


Commercial Design

Culture - Modern

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies


Design and Interior Decorations 

Diet and Nutrition



Diplomatic Relations

Diplomacy/International Affairs


Education (indicate area)



Education - Adult


Events Management


Fine Arts

Food and Nutrition

Global Development

Health Science

Health Administration

Health Education


History (indicate area)

Hospitality Management


Human Resources

Human Rights

Industrial and Labor Relations

International Affairs

International Relations

International Studies

International Business

Information Technology

Investment Banking


Juridical Science


Journalism - International

Law (select area)

Law - Religious


Law - International

Law - Commercial

Law - Non Profit

Law - Civil

Law - Election

Law - Diplomacy

Law - Public Policy

Law Enforcement

Landscape Architecture



Liberal Arts

Liberal Studies

Life Sciences

International Law

International Ministry





Ministry (religious)

Modern Languages


Music/Music Arts

Music Education

Modern Theology

Nursing Practice

Nursing Science


Occupational Therapy

Organizational Leadership

Philosophy (subject of studies)

Practical Theology

Project Management

Professional Studies

Public Administration

Public Affairs

Public Health

Public Policy

Public Management

Physical Education


Project Management



Religion (select)

Religious Studies

Real Estate Development

Religious Education

Science (indicate area)

Science of Leadership

Science of Management

Science of Nursing

Science Project Management

Science of Music

Sacred Theology  

Sacred Music

Social Affairs

Social Studies

Social Science

Social Work


Supply Chain Management

Teaching (indicate area)


Theological Studies

Visual Arts

World Religions




To initiate the enrollment, please submit your Application with copies of all educational documents and a simple letter of intent describing areas of your expertise, professional experience, your plans and the area of science that you are interested to address in your Dissertation.


Please be advised that there are always some areas of science where we would not be able to offer a degree. We will review your application and letter of intent and would inform you if our University can accept your application for the Doctor of Philosophy Program.






Do you need to study something different?

Just let us know. Most likely we will be able to accommodate your request because we are offering custom-made programs adjusted to individual requests.






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