Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University represents traditional values of higher education, modern approach and freedom of higher education without discrimination. Start university studies now / immediate admission – Graduate at any time / fast accelerated graduation.

Affordable low costs accelerated educational programs online: accelerated Associate degree, 
					accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, 
					accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree 
					(accelerated Ph.D.) About
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Low educational costs, affordable higher education, accelerated degrees, accelerated educational programs, lowest costs education, accelerated degrees, traditional values, modern approach and freedom of education: all in one place
Accelerated Associate degrees, accelerated Bachelor’s degrees, accelerated Master’s degrees, accelerated MBA degrees, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degrees (accelerated Ph.D.)



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Financial Assistance Questions



WE ARE OFFERING CONVENIENT EDUCATION WITH AFFORDABLE EDUCATIONAL COSTS. However, we have no ability to offer additional assistance for people experiencing financial difficulties. As an admitted student, you will be able to make installment payments. We have no deadlines for any payments and no late payment penalties (follow this link)



Question: Would you offer me a financial assistance?


We are not supported by any government and we have no funds for any form of financial assistance. We have no ability to offer additional assistance for the costs that already very low. Feel free to locate any person or organization that can sponsor your studies.


You can help us to raise funds for financial assistance by offering your personal financial support: Visit our Donations Page



Question: Would you offer me a scholarship?


If you are looking for the financial assistance, please make direct arrangements with companies or organizations providing educational grants and other forms of educational assistance. Our costs are already discounted to the level that is equal to the "basic level costs" and we cannot offer any additional scholarships. All discounts are already incorporated in our low costs.




We are fully aware that in some countries people are receiving very low salaries; and our fees would be considered by these people as high. However, we have no ability to provide additional financial accommodations to low income students because we are nor receiving financial support for any form of scholarships.


Any person can help us to raise funds for additional forms of financial assistance by offering personal financial support: Visit our Donations Page






We are not participating in federal financial aid programs:



Acceptance of any form of financial support from any government always comes with governmental control. We prefer to retain our independence and to have unbiased educational services that are free from political or governmental interferences.


We are respecting our status of international independent University that is free from the governmental and political control and we are respecting the freedom of our students. Accordingly, we are not going to jeopardize our independent status and the freedom of our students just to have an access to some programs that we never needed.


Governmental programs very often are designed to provide low interest loans and other forms of financial assistance for students attending educational institutions with high costs. We have some of the lowest educational costs that any person can pay without any need for additional loans. We have no penalties for any late payments and no deadlines for any payments. Generally speaking, we are operating on the principles that students can make payments when they have the ability to pay.


We are maintaining full separation from any unrelated governments (we are controlled by our own religious government), including full separation from the U.S. state and federal governments (as unrelated secular/non-religious governments). Therefore, we are not accepting any U.S. federal or state funds, unless these governments are willing to provide financial assistance without creation of any form of interference with our educational principles.  





If you have financial difficulties:



You can make payments. We are operating on the principles that students will pay when students have the ability to pay (some restrictions do exist, for example, the fixed amount of the first payment that must be made at the time of admission). After the admission, student pays in proportion to the submitted educational work (when student is unable to make the next payment, student simply is not submitting any new educational assignments). We have no deadlines for any payments and no late payment penalties. Follow this link for more information about installment payments for education


You can secure employment and work/save until you can afford to pay for educational services. Follow this link for more information about our low educational costs


You can find your own sponsor that will pay for your education; however, we are not looking for any sponsors for our students.





Questions and Answers



  Question: Are you participating in the United States federal financial aid programs?


NO, we are not participating in any federal financial aid programs. We are maintaining full separation from any U.S. state or federal governments (as unrelated governments). Therefore, we are not accepting any U.S. federal or state funds (unless these governments would ask us to accept their payments without creation of any form of interference from their side). Federal financial aid programs are designed to help students to pay high tuition costs that we do not have.


  Question: Can unrelated to me person or organization pay for my educational services?


Each student can search and may independently arrange own financial aid /assistance (but we are not involved in these endeavors).


We can  accept payments made by third parties on student’s behalf (such as relatives, employers, churches or religious organization, sponsors, etc.) if it is not creating for us any additional responsibilities or obligations in relevance to the party making such payments.


When third party (unrelated to the student) is making a payment on behalf of the student, it is made under the same conditions as if student would make payment personally.


We are NOT accepting any form of direct federal educational loan payments or federal assistance payments (we are not accepting governmental payments or direct governmental deposits into our bank account).


Some people are confused about meaning of "not accepting federal or state monies". For example, if person works for the government and earns salary or other form of governmental payments (or compensations), these payments are becoming property of the person who receives such payments (when person places governmental payment check into personal bank account). For us, it is irrelevant who pays the salary for our student (or who pays for other financial benefits), because only you can decide how to spend your own money. You cannot forward governmental payment check to us, but you can deposit it into your personal bank account and you can pay personally for our services.


  Question: Would you offer me a free education?


Very often, we are receiving letters where authors of such letters are asking us if it is possible to study without making any payments because he/she lives in the developing country. In this case, we only can suggest to ask the same question your own government or other prospering universities. We cannot offer free education because payments that we are collecting hardly cover our expenses. There is no any place that can exist without collecting at least some minimal fees.


  Question: Can I get a scholarship?


Please be advised that we DO NOT HAVE ANY ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS because our educational costs are already reduced to the minimal level (that hardly covers even our necessary expenses).


We have reasonable administrative fees, but it is what secures our ability to provide education with minimal costs.


Comparing to many other universities that are charging significant tuition fees (and at the same time receiving different forms of financial support from different governments), we are not receiving any financial support from any unrelated to us government.


Any person can search for a private sponsor who can provide scholarship funds to cover our administrative fees for the benefits of applicant. If your country offers free education, then we only can suggest to study locally. We cannot compete with universities offering free education (these universities, in most cases, are not doing anything for free; but are compensated by the government).  


  Question: Can I get Financial Aid in your place?


In most universities, Financial Aid (as a form of governmental and private assistance) available only for students that are citizens of the United States. Usually all forms of financial assistance are based on the receipt of federal grants (monies from the U.S. government), low interest federal loans and from other forms of financial support (from other unrelated to university parties, such as donations designated for the financial aid).


Even the most expensive universities never (in most cases) are giving anything from their own funds (unless they have direct interest to do it); they only are arranging financial aid between student and other institutions (usually, financial aid never comes from any university).


Universities are making these arrangements only because they are collecting all (or the most part) of any financial aid that student receives (they are doing it for own benefits).


We are not associated with any unrelated to us governments and we are not getting any grants or payments from any government.


We ARE NOT OFFERING ANY HELP in arranging FINANCIAL AID. We have reasonable administrative fees that are representing only a portion of what other students are paying for each year of studies in other universities.


Each student can search for the financial aid, and if your financial aid organization will pay your costs of education in our place, we probably would accept such payments. Any form of financial aid in the United States has no any affect on foreign students; because foreign nationals (not the U.S. citizens), in most cases, are NOT eligible to obtain any form of financial aid (originating from the U.S. government). Students that are eligible for financial aid must be the United States citizens (unless special assistance program is specifically designated for the foreign students).


  Question: What is the NEXT step?


To be enrolled: Visit “Admission Process” page



Admission and Studies Questions and Answers

Prospective Applicant Questionnaire

 What you must expect 



Payment Center




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