Holy State University offers studies for any accredited accelerated educational degree: accelerated Associate degree, accelerated Bachelor’s degree, accelerated Master’s degree, accelerated MBA degree, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree (accelerated Ph.D.).  Holy State University represents traditional values of higher education, modern approach and freedom of higher education without discrimination. Start university studies now / immediate admission – Graduate at any time / fast accelerated graduation.

Affordable low costs accelerated educational programs online: accelerated Associate degree, 
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					accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degree 
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Low educational costs, affordable higher education, accelerated degrees, accelerated educational programs, lowest costs education, accelerated degrees, traditional values, modern approach and freedom of education: all in one place
Accelerated Associate degrees, accelerated Bachelor’s degrees, accelerated Master’s degrees, accelerated MBA degrees, accelerated Doctoral and accelerated PhD degrees (accelerated Ph.D.)



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at Holy State University






We are issuing "Admission" letters only when a person is admitted to studies and made at least one first payment covering educational costs. We are not issuing "Eligibility for Admission" letters.


Admissions - General Page


Applicant Questionnaire


Admission Questions


How to contact Admissions


About Your Email Address


Required Documents 


Acceptance of your Degrees





Admission process at Holy State University is simple and easy. For the admission, you will be asked to submit an Application by email and copies of all required documents.


Admitted students can start educational process at any time from the day when we would confirm the admission.


PLEASE NOTE! Admission is only completed when we are accepted all applicant's documents: application, agreement, educational credentials, all required documents; and only after applicant made at least one partial payment toward the costs of the program.




If you are interested in starting studies at our University, please download an Application (follow this link)


We also can email an Application directly to you.




Applicants also must sign an 'Enrollment Agreement'. We will provide the required form after accepting your Application and educational credentials. You can print an Enrollment Agreement, fill-in all spaces (name, dates, etc.), sign your own name in the same manner as you would sign it on all other official documents, scan it in PDF format, and send it to us by email. Signature must be the same as in your official identification documents (if your identification document has no your signature, please provide a copy of other document that has your signature). All applicants residing in the United States must submit an Enrollment Agreement signed (by you) and notarized (by a Notary Public). Many banks are offering free notarizations; however,  the average cost of one notarization is about $3-5. 





Please send to us the completed "Application Form", list all educational institutions attended (high school, colleges and universities), starting from your secondary education (High School). Do not include any "life-experience degrees". Provide official names of each educational institution, exact location, contact information, dates of attendance. Copies of all educational documents must be also submitted (scanned in color in PDF or JPG format and sent to us as email attachments without compressing any documents. We do not accept ZIP files.


If your educational credentials are acceptable, we will ask you to submit a payment (at least partial) for the required administrative fees (see page "Educational Costs" for more details )


You can download the Application Form from our website, see page "Application for Admission"


Downloadable Application is provided in PDF and WORD formats. Our PDF form is not fill-able and you would need to fill it by hand (you can print an Application, fill in all sections that are applicable to you). If you would prefer to type your answers on a computer, you can do it by using our WORD form. Any written summaries or additional information can be attached as additional separate pages.





We are only accepting educational degrees from universities that have an educational process that we can recognize as a legitimate form of education.


We are not accepting any "diplomas" from any honorary or life-experience “universities”. All honorary or life-experience "degrees" are not educational degrees and cannot be accepted.





If you have only an Associate degree, please do not tell us that you want to start studies for a Doctoral degree. There is always a chain of educational events. If you have an Associate degree, your next step would be a Bachelor’s degree program. If you have a Bachelor’s degree, your next step would be a Master’s degree. If you desire to study for a PhD (doctoral) degree, you must have a Master’s degree.  


You also can study for any degree in our University. For example, if you have only a Bachelor's degree, but your final goal is a PhD degree; in such a case, you can receive a Master's degree in our place, and after that, you can start your PhD program.





To learn more, please visit the page describing our Liberal Studies degrees.






We are only accepting educational degrees that can be considered as potentially acceptable for any step-up degree program or for the transfer process.


Furthermore, we have unrestricted right to deny acceptance of any educational degree (or any educational courses) from any educational institution (follow this link)


During the admission process, our representatives are conducting basic evaluation of all documents (to verify if we will be able to accept your educational institutions). However, only after the admission (if needed), we are performing verification procedures (for the assurance that all provided documents are legally issued). Enrollment will be terminated for using not legitimately issued documents.





We are informing each person (before the person makes any payment) if we can accept all educational degrees. Acceptance of educational degrees/institutions is not similar to verification of documents.





Holy State University has no age limits (for basic courses the starting age is 15).


For any degree program we are requiring a High School diploma (secondary education), but only as a condition for the degree completion. For example, if any person is starting with an Associate or a Bachelor's degree program, upon graduation the degree would not be awarded unless a person can provide satisfactory proof for the completion of secondary or equivalent education. We also have a High School equivalent courses.


Any person that by definitions of law, is not considered to be a person who can make an independent decisions (in the United States, a 'minor' is usually a person under the age of 18) must provide affidavit from parents or guardians [including documents establishing parent(s) or guardian(s) relationship to a minor], giving his/her consent in writing with clear details describing parents/guardians desire for providing educational payments on behalf of a minor (unless such person/minor has a financial ability to make own payments). Parents/legal guardians must also sign an Educational Agreement in their names on behalf of a minor (all forms will be provided).





Some people are asking us if we can provide any guarantees together with an educational degree. However, nobody can guarantee your real level of knowledge or professional potential.  




Your best guarantee is your own diligence in studies. Your own intellectual abilities and your level of education, all these are the only guarantees that any person can get in any educational institution. The guarantor for educational guarantees is not the educational institution, but only you. Only you can create your own guarantees for the future employment and professional success.





We are only evaluating educational degrees (not certificates for any completed courses). If you already completed some educational courses and received graduation certificates for such courses, we will be glad to evaluate these documents and may issue a limited number of credits for any completed courses but only after the admission (we do not guarantee any credits for any courses completed in other educational institutions).





We are providing only educational services and educational degrees. Read more






Our educational costs are low (compared to other non-governmental educational institutions). In Holy State University nobody needs financial loans because we have no payment deadlines and no penalties for late payments, and you can pay as you are progressing with your education.


Holy State University operates without any commercial motives and collected proceeds are used for educational purposes. We are NOT SUPPORTED by any government and we have no intention to compete with universities that are offering free or reduced costs for education, only because free education is supported by the government that is using collected taxes to compensate universities for any educational services. In our case, we are self-supported and nobody compensates us for our costs or expenses.


We also are not matching costs from other places.


Visit our "Educational Costs" Page for current costs






Students are starting studies at any time and can graduate at any time. You can start educational process immediately after the admission.





Students can graduate at any time. We have no graduation ceremonies and we are sending documents directly to the place indicated by our student.





Studies at Holy State University can be described as a supervised distance learning form of education that is performed by a modern form of Internet communications. Our students can study for any degree, non-religious and religious; and our costs represent only a fraction of the usual costs in other universities (if compared to many U.S. universities). 


In Holy State University we are creating mature and independent individuals willing to use their own efforts in the educational process. All studies are independent with our (distant) supervision and guidance.  


Students can create their own study curriculums for each part of the year (with our supervision and approval) or students can use our standard curriculum plans. Students are responsible for selecting study materials and textbooks. 





Curriculum (or educational plan) is the list of courses that are offered to students. Universities are fully independent in developing their own educational plans. There is no national supervisory entity that may control study subjects offered by any university (in the U.S.). However, it is a responsibility of the university to offer a comprehensive educational curriculum that covers main subjects of any educational program.


All completed educational courses are reflected in the academic record or transcript (in some universities can be called an attachment to diploma, score card, etc.) that would be issued to each student upon graduation.  


We are offering to each student a significant degree of freedom and expression. Our curriculums are custom-made and tailored to each student individually. Also, please note that your studies are independent (under the guidance of university representatives) and we are controlling educational standards and quality of your educational work.





As a first step, you would need to be admitted. Admission is only completed when we are accepted all applicant's documents and applicant made at least one partial payment toward the costs of the selected program.  


After the admission, we will offer an educational plan (curriculum) for the admitted student that is similar to educational plans used in other similar universities. Students also can propose their own educational curriculums but our approval is required.  





We are not posting and not providing educational plans before the admission. All our programs and all curriculums are custom-made and adjusted to satisfy the needs of each student. There are no “boiler-plate” curriculums (ready-made curriculums) in Holy State University because each educational plan (curriculum) is made specifically for the needs of each individual student. At the same time, each curriculum satisfies requirements for each educational degree program and is similar to the curriculums in similar programs/universities.  


We also are giving students an option to prepare their own curriculum. We are not expecting any professionally made plans and it can be a simple list of the desired by students study subjects. This way, students can include subjects that he/she prefers to study.  


Making your own curriculum is not obligatory but only an optional approach to accommodate educational needs of students from different countries. Another important reason for giving to students an option to participate in preparation of studies’ curriculum can be explained by the specifics of the ONLINE/DISTANT education that is extended to the people from different countries.


Each country has its own educational rules and local universities (universities of student’s own country of residence) usually are offering some study subjects (courses) that are not offered in other countries. It can be assumed that after graduation, each student is planning to work in his/her own country.  


When we are asking our student to make a list of desired study courses, we are assuming that he/she would investigate most popular study courses that commonly offered in universities of student’s own country. We will be examining a list of preferred courses made by a student and we can apply all necessary corrections to make it equal to the international educational standards.   






In Holy State University, the burden of responsibilities would be largely shifted to students. We are not forcing anybody to study and students must have their own desire for knowledge.


We will be examining your work, but only you will be the person that can hold actual knowledge. Only your personal knowledge is the factor that will help you to find and to hold your future jobs. Incompetent person can be dismissed from the employment in any situation, irrelevant how much money he/she spends on education.


Only personal efforts can transfer your present dreams into reality; and only your personal efforts to receive knowledge and your hard work can secure your future professional success.





Student can study with own speed, see the page "Educational Process"


Students are paying fees/costs according to the selected program and it is irrelevant how quickly students can complete their academic program. Program is completed when all educational requirements are fulfilled.   





Our students are performing educational work independently (under our supervision and general guidance), they are researching comparable education plans, they are selecting own textbooks (based on provided to them curriculum), they are studying independently (with our supervision and guidance). With advances of the Internet, very often significant amounts of information can be obtained from the online resources (including many books that are available in online libraries). We are not offering an online library, but any student can obtain a membership in any online library.





To establish identity of the person, we are requiring submission of the copy of passport/driver license or national identity document (pages with full name, date of birth, signature) or birth certificate (in absence of passport), or the copy of government issued document with photograph of the applicant (in absence of passport). Some documents may need to be translated into English.





Any person at the age of 18 and older can provide payments on his/her behalf.


Any person under the age of 18 (defined as a 'minor' in many States of the United States) must provide an affidavit from the parents or guardians (including documents establishing parents or guardians' relationship to a minor) giving consent in writing, with clear details describing parents/guardians' desire for providing payments on behalf of a minor.


For additional details, visit our page "Payment Center" .






See the page "Cost of Education".






Transferring students can be accepted for any studies at our University (some exceptions may apply). Please see page: "Transfer Students"






We have some questions for our applicants. See corresponding page






For more information pertaining to our Doctoral and Ph.D. programs please visit our corresponding pages





For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit our page "Frequently Asked Questions"



Send us electronic letter (e-mail) if you cannot find required answers





Our students must have access to the Internet, ability to scan documents in PDF and JPG formats, and must have an antivirus program installed in their computer. Please be sure that your computer has no computer viruses.      


Student's written work must be sent to us in PDF format (or in Word format when in foreign language). Students can find many places on the Internet that are converting Word files to PDF format for free, there also are many sites on the Internet offering free PDF converting software for download (please use sites with good ratings to avoid spreading of computer viruses). At present time, almost all word processing software can save Word documents in PDF format (you usually need to use the choice "Save as", after that, you will most likely see an option to save your document in Document  or in PDF format.  


To open PDF files that we may send to our students, a student must have PDF reading software installed on the computer. Adobe offers free download of genuine software, such as Adobe Reader (free version is not converting Word documents into PDF, it only opens PDF files), you can search Adobe website for compatible free versions for your computer operating system (http://get.adobe.com/reader/).   


It is required for each student to install an up-to-date antivirus program (that has automatic scanning and updates) on his/her personal computer used for the preparation and for sending to us educational documents. At present time, all computer systems operating on Windows 10 have pre-installed "Windows Defender Antivirus Program" and it should be set-up for automatic computer scanning.    


Each email sent to us by a student must have at least a short cover letter explaining what documents are attached.           







Before sending documents to us, please ask yourself a question: “Are you ready to start studies at this time”?


If your answer is “Yes”, then you can send your documents. Do not send any documents if you are not ready to start your admission process. We are retaining received documents only for two weeks and documents are usually deleted from our system after that.


For the time being (when you are not ready to complete your admission), you can read the materials posted on our web pages. We are a small self-supporting educational institution (not as some government-supported large universities that have significant financial and human resources) and any unnecessary engagement of our representatives takes a valuable time that must be spent for the needs of people that are looking for the admission at present time (and not in some unknown future).



Before sending documents to us, ask yourself another question: “Are you able to pay our fees”?


If your answer is “Yes” and you are ready for the admission at present time, then you can send your documents; if not, there is no any reason for you to send any documents or to engage our representatives into "questions-and-answers" sessions (almost all information is already posted on our web pages). As an admitted student, you will be able to make installment payments (follow this link)



Before sending documents or asking our representatives multiple questions, ask yourself a question: “Are all your degrees received because you performed studies in the school or university that has legitimate existence? (follow this link)


If your answer is “Yes” and you are ready for the admission at present time, then you can send your documents.



PLEASE NOTE: Any so-called "life-experience degrees" are not educational degrees; therefore, we are not accepting it. Legitimate degrees ONLY are issued for the actual university-controlled studies and not for any form of life experience.


Acceptance of your documents is strictly under the discretion of the admission office that  makes the initial examination of your documents.


We are not a public institution and we are not supported by any federal or state monies. By provisions of applicable laws, we can deny an admission for any person or can reject any documents. We also have no obligation to provide explanations for any denial of the admission.


We are not obligated to perform verification of educational documents before the admission and verification can be performed at any time after the admission. People that are not using legitimate educational credentials can be expelled at any time and no refund will be issued.


The following are examples for some denial reasons. We are not accepting any "High School" diplomas that are sold without studies. We are not accepting any “degree” diplomas that are sold without studies. We are not accepting any “degree” diplomas that are based only on so-called "life experience". There are also many other reasons for the denial of an admission.  


Disqualification of some documents has no meaning that person is disqualified for the admission, it's only has a meaning that we are not accepting disqualified document, but a person can apply for any other forms of education that are not based on the documents that we disqualified.


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, please note that almost all questions that we receive are usually already answered on different pages of our website. YOU NEED to read the information posted on our website, as a first step.


If you cannot find answers on our website, we will be happy to answer your questions.


We also have some questions for our applicants, see page: “Questions for Applicants” .


If you are not sure about your eligibility for the admission, please feel free to ask for what degree you are qualified to apply.





 What you must expect 



Payment Center

Why we are the Best

Admission Questions

Applicant Questionnaire





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